Curbside Menu

Our Curbside Menu is based on whatever we feel like creating for that particular day, generally we have at least four or five different options we prepare for services to the general public.

Macaroni and Cheese Options

We start all of our creations with our own scratch made 5 cheese sauce, mixed with tender elbow macaroni noodles. We then top the Mac and Cheese in a variety of ways to create entrees that will satisfy any palette.


Tender elbow pasta in our creamy 5 cheese sauce topped with garlic bread panko topping

Jalapeno Popper

Fresh petite diced Jalapeño, cheddar and cream cheese mac, topped with bacon bits & crunchy panko bread crumbs

Pepperoni Bomb

Classic mac with marinara sauce, petite sliced pepperoni and topped with mozzarella, provolone cheeses and Italian panko

Honey Dip Chicken Mac

Chopped Buttermilk fried chicken dipped in honey and served over our creamy Mac, topped with breadcrumbs 

BBQ Chicken

Diced grilled chicken, simmered in our tangy bbq sauce topped with panko bread crumbs 

Pesto Mac

Our classic mac and cheese topped with our blend of herbs, pine nuts, and Romano and Parmesan cheese,  finished with garlic panko topping

Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac 

Chopped Buttermilk fried chicken, smoked bacon and cool ranch dressing over Mac and cheese 

Buffalo Chicken Mac 

Buffalo style fried chicken and ranch dressing served over creamy Mac and cheese